When Should I Test For Mold?

  • If you think you have mold growing somewhere in the house, perhaps due to musty odors
  • After a water leak, burst pipe, flood, roof leak, or other known water problem
  • When family members in the house have health concerns that may be attributed to mold
  • You simply want to make sure your home is safe for you and your family

Our Premier Mold Test Kits


Ideal for a comprehensive overview, the ERMI Test Kit uses dust samples to profile mold contamination in your home, giving you a clear picture with an easy-to-understand index value.


Perfect for visible mold on hard surfaces, the Tape Lift Test Kit allows for targeted sampling with immediate results. It's the go-to solution for a quick confirmation of mold presence.


For wet surfaces or hard-to-reach areas, our Swab Test Kit is your best bet. I's also suited for bulk samples like insulation or dust, ensuring no mold goes undetected.