Our Premier Mold Test Kits


Ideal for a comprehensive overview, the ERMI Test Kit uses dust samples to profile mold contamination in your home, giving you a clear picture with an easy-to-understand index value.


Perfect for visible mold on hard surfaces, the Tape Lift Test Kit allows for targeted sampling with immediate results. It's the go-to solution for a quick confirmation of mold presence.


For wet surfaces or hard-to-reach areas, our Swab Test Kit is your best bet. I's also suited for bulk samples like insulation or dust, ensuring no mold goes undetected.

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Expanded Testing Solutions

EMSL's Advanced Test Kits: Protecting Your Indoor Environment

As leaders in environmental testing, EMSL goes beyond mold detection to offer a comprehensive range of test kits for various indoor contaminants. Our line-up includes robust solutions for air quality assessment, water safety, and even specific substances like lead and radon.

Each kit is engineered for user-friendly application and professional accuracy, giving homeowners the power to ensure their indoor spaces are secure and healthy. Whether you’re concerned about everyday air quality or potential hazards during property transactions, EMSL’s test kits are your trusted partner for a healthier home environment.